I aim to make our time together as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. During the session I  strive to take candid shots of you and your loved ones interacting naturally. So don't feel pressured that you're going to have to grin at the camera for an hour in an uncomfortable pose. And I have an arsenal of props and tricks for getting even the most difficult children (and grown ups!) to cooperate.

I give lollipops!

What (Not) to Wear
This is the most common question I get before sessions, and the question that EVERYONE should ask because I have opinions! But it's not about me...I want you to be happy with your photos, and from a technical standpoint it makes the editing easier if you follow a few basic suggestions. Here are a few things to consider:

"Matchy-matchy" is out!
 I know it can be tempting to want to dress in matching white shirts and jeans...may I suggest instead something a little less outdated?! If you really want to dress the same, I recommend picking one color (not white or black) and having each person wear different shades or pieces in that color. Better yet, pick a couple coordinating colors and dress around those. And you don't all have to wear jeans...I love it when women wear pretty dresses and skirts, if that's your style, and when kids of the same gender don't match exactly. If you're looking for some examples of great outfit choices or color combinations, please email me!

Bright colors photograph beautifully! 
Don't be afraid, wear some color...jewel tones are especially beautiful. Patterns too, but not too many different patterns at once or anything more busy than basic stripes, plaids, polka-dots, or simple florals. If you're feeling daring, I encourage something fun and unique - like wearing formalwear for a beach shoot (I've seen friends do this, and it's gorgeous!). If you don't want to go that far, add a punch of color in your shoe choice, or a scarf or interesting jewelry. Pay attention to all the details because I capture them all (but don't overdo it)!
Also feel free to bring multiple outfits to do a costume change during your session! While you won't want to take too much time out of the session to totally change your look, it can be fun to wear different outfits to get more looks, like something more casual and something else more dressy.

Show Me the Belly!
For Maternity portraits, I love photographing the bare belly, if you're comfortable with this. This is where multiple outfits work really well. I encourage mommies-to-be to wear a dress or skirt for 1/2 of the shoot and jeans and a top for the other 1/2.
There are TWO in there!
On Location
I shoot on location - whether that's your home and backyard, a park, or some other locale in Los Angeles. I have some favorite spots, and I'm always open to new ideas. I love trying new places, especially ones that have interesting colors and landscapes. You can find beautiful backdrops in some of the most mundane places you wouldn't even think to the alley behind my garage. I'm not kidding - there are so many interesting colors and textures!

I will come to your home and capture your interactions with your new little one. I also bring some simple backdrops and props (blankets, accessories, etc), as well as lighting, for more studio-style photographs. But what I really love is the lifestyle shots in your home. To this end, I ask that your prepare your home (your bedroom, living room, baby's room, etc) as you would prepare yourself to be photographed. I know it's a tall order to ask parents of a newborn to clean the house, but at minimum I suggest making the beds and clearing clutter. Believe me it's worth it to capture the beauty of your new baby in his/her new home.

Keep in mind a few additional things:
  • If we're shooting with children, think about a location with minimal distractions. If your kid is the type to run off, a park with a playground or the beach might not be the best idea. 
  • Time of day matters. I love shooting in the late afternoon for the best natural light, but there are some locations that can be quite crowded at that time. I like minimal background distractions, as I can only edit out so much! Also, consider an early morning shoot to avoid crowds.
  • Consider parking and admission fees at certain places - I'm happy to shoot anywhere, but if there are fees associated with it, I do ask that you cover any related costs.